Presence on the front line of cultural conversation

Now in its fourth year, EnviroFest International is expanding with buy-in and support from a broad range of dynamic partners and sponsors. This collaborative approach provides new audiences and yields results for local stakeholders and international organisations alike. Demand for EnviroFest events in new cities, as well as in new countries, is building and increases the range and depth of our partnerships across sectors traditionally siloed from each other.

EFI is perfectly positioned to ride the wave of environmental awareness sweeping through the international community, maximising it’s reach into societies and communities of the global south.

Partnership Opportunities

In-Country Sponsor

We accept sponsorship from local and international organizations and foundations to fund our program delivery for each in-country festival. Sponsorship directly benefit the In-Country Program Partner.

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In-Country Support Partner

Collaboration is key to every event with supporters involved through sponsorship, infrastructure support and subject expertise. Typically, each festival will have around 80 different partners across a broad range of sectors from government ministries and international agencies to grass roots organisations and local media.

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In-Country Program Partner

We develop partnerships with established cultural organisations in each country to create a national festival delivery team. With EFI support this team sets up and delivers the annual festivals.

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Through EnviroFest we have met people and organisations that really resonate with our work. We already see the benefits of this, in meetings, support and potential joint endeavours.

Striving for change

Partner Benefits

  • Access to the front line of cultural conversations in countries across the global south.
  • High profile presence at International summits and conferences on climate, environment and sustainability.
  • Driving force for meaningful change.
  • Expanded reach to new audiences from grass roots to grass tops.
  • Exposure to local and national media.