EFI  acts as a bridge between international policies and the on the ground community and societal  engagement necessary to carry them out at a local and national level. As pressure builds across societies to fulfil Paris Agreement commitments, EFI is well placed to help in the awareness raising, cultural engagement and building of public buy-in key to the implementation of these policies and others relating to the future health of our shared environment.

International Conferences

Participation at international conferences reflects the need both to promote understanding of how best to build public buy-in, as well as to gain insight and connection with the latest findings, agendas, and expertise.

Events cancelled in 2020 due to Covid: Washington DC environmental film festival, UNEP annual meeting, IUCN’s World Conservation Congress.

In 2021 we held in person events at: UNFCCC COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow and along aside the G7. This COP26 case study  is an example of our work.

EnviroFest are a dedicated force for change

Mr. Khalil Attia, UNEP - SPA/RAC