We are an international group that partners with local organisations to deliver national environmental film festivals, country by country.  Our team’s collective experience reflects our ability to build strong relationships and trust with people from all walks of life, and across cultures, from government ministers to fishermen. The EnviroFest team brings expertise, efficiency, creative thinking, modesty and humour to our relationships and to our work.

Members of the Board

Selective focus portrait of Lelia Chennoufi
Leila Chennoufi, MSc, PhD

Co-founder, Chair Leila is a sustainability expert with extensive experience in the private sector and multilateral institutions.  She has assessed hundreds of industrial and infrastructure sites on five continents.  Leila’s firsthand experience of environmental degradation led her to co-found EnviroFest to contribute to societies’ adaptation and resilience through powerful films, trusting that well-informed citizens have the power to change course.  She speaks Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Catherine Stevens, MA, MPA

Catherine is a sustainability professional with over 30 years’ experience supporting sustainable and urban development internationally.  She has worked with the public, private and non-profit sectors, leading organisations and managing teams around the world.  Catherine believes fundamentally in the importance of raising environmental awareness to increase engagement by civil society in securing the future of our planet.  She speaks English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Selective focus portrait of Catherine Gibson
Catherine Gibson, MSc, MBA

Catherine works in the hospitality sector at the executive and board level.  She also has 20 years experience in environmental consultancy ranging from managing European environmental funding programmes to greening corporate supply chains. As an enthusiastic environmentalist Catherine strives constantly to live as sustainably as possible, and is exploring the impact of our natural environment on mental health.

Executive Team

Rebecca Cecil-Wright, MSc

Co-founder, Executive Director Rebecca is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and educator who has worked with Discovery, National Geographic, BBC and the US State Department across 5 continents. Through her work with environmental pioneers around the globe from far-flung tribes of Micronesia to America’s most eminent scientists Rebecca continually seeks to bridge the divide between society and the natural world on which we all depend.

Portrait of Peter O’Brien
Peter O’Brien, MA

Peter is a media consultant, working with filmmakers and festival organizers globally to maximise their reach and impact.  He also serves on numerous film festival juries. Executive Director of the DC Environmental Film Festival from 2008-2014, Peter now sits on the festival’s board of directors. Peter is also a board member of the Green Film Network, an international film festival consortium.

Portrait of Celina Pentinah
Celina Pentamah, MA

Celina is a young professional in global environmental policy with experience in research, policy analysis, and programme management. A World Bank climate change consultant, she was previously with the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, researching large scale technological interventions for climate mitigation. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish. Celina is passionate about nature and fighting the threat of climate change.

Beatrice Cubitt, BA

Beatrice is a graduate of SOAS University with a BA in Indonesian and Social Anthropology. She is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and English. At EnviroFest International Beatrice uses her communication skills for teamwork and problem solving. She is passionate about education, equality and social justice.

Advisory Board

Tabatha Thompson, BA

Tabatha is a strategic communicator with more than 25 years’ experience conveying complex ideas to the public as a journalist and public relations counselor. She leverages excellent news judgment, measurement and knowledge of technology, science, higher education and health care to create compelling messages that achieve business results.

Betsy Lovejoy, MSc

Betsy is an independent non-profit fundraising consultant. As the former Executive Director of Girls on the Run DC she oversaw a significant programme and financial growth. She has outstanding project management and organizing skills.

Hilary Hoagland-Grey, MSc

Hilary has more than 25 years’ experience working on environmental and sustainability issues around the world and across multiple sectors. She is a great believer in the power of film to do good and promotes environmental and social documentary films through the International Documentary Association, where she sits on the Committee for the Pare Lorentz Prize.