At EnviroFest International (EFI) we identify and work with national partners to set up and deliver national environmental film festivals across the global south. EFI provides a unique festival framework, films, finance and expertise, as well as relationships with major international development organisations, to kickstart exciting and dynamic annual national events.

Cultural highlight

These high profile festivals bring compelling stories and evidence-based solutions on climate change and the environment into the mainstream cultural conversation, both in the capital city and in interior regions. Central to every festival are films, panel discussions, eco-marketplaces, educational outreach and national film competitions. These events connect our audiences with new ideas, personal experiences and organisations across all levels of society.

International Award-winning

Films and Debates

We bring international award-winning film screenings to cinemas, cultural centres, and outdoor events accompanied by guest international filmmakers. Post-screening panel discussions with filmmakers, industry experts, cultural leaders, elected representatives and prominent civil society groups relate the topics of the film to the local context, empowering local ownership of the issues and facilitating cross-discipline conversations.

Unique to EnviroFest


Immediately outside the cinema venue the Eco-marketplace is a space where audiences meet a community of interested people and organisations with local expertise in the issues raised in the films. With displays to showcase their work these organisations can channel audience enthusiasm into tangible actions.  For the presenting organisations the Eco-marketplace is a major opportunity to reach new and enthusiastic audiences.

Reaching forgotten regions

Festival Roadshow

The Roadshow consists of a scaled down festival with films, panel discussions, and a reduced Eco-marketplace delivering events in an additional 15-20 cities and towns each year, in regions rarely accessed by international cultural or development programmes. This decentralised programme has been a significant success with requests for additional events in new cities totaling 30% of all events.

Education Programme

We operate in partnership with schools, universities and summer camps to deliver age appropriate film screenings, debates, and specifically developed learning packages on issues of sustainability.  In conjunction with UN agencies and diplomatic missions, Envirofest is working to provide national reach into educational establishments for a lasting legacy.

Film Competition

Our short film competitions provide a platform for young filmmakers and develop a market for films with environmental themes. Run in partnership with film schools and national documentary industry organisations the competitions build capacity within the documentary media industry that is a vital part of an accountable society and government.

EnviroFest chooses excellent films on important subjects. These films and wrap-around activities are a timely and significant resource in the drive to educate and empower youth for change.