World class documentaries are rarely screened in the global south but are a key source of reliable information in developed nations. EFI seeks to redress that balance. Uptake of the EFI programme from international agencies, diplomatic missions, community organisations, and educational institutions shows that we are filling an unmet need. This demand is fueling the growth of EnviroFest both regionally and beyond.

Year on year programme growth

2018 – 2020

3 Countries

  • 21


  • 65


  • 10,000


International Reach

Outreach Requests

With our unique blend of world-class documentaries, programmes designed for social impact and high level partnerships, EnviroFest is at the leading edge of environmental communication and social engagement. In 2020, EFI was due to participate in:

  • Washington DC environmental film festival
  • UNEP annual meeting
  • IUCN’s World Conservation Congress
  • UNCCC COP 26
Replicable framework

Accelerating action one country at a time

In order to facilitate our programme expansion into new cities and countries, EnviroFest has created a framework of events that can be used as a template for further festivals.

Our established partnerships with international agencies can also be replicated from one country to the next, bringing long term capacity to raise funds and provide direct access to in-country organisational partners.