EFI Green Zone events in the Planetarium @ COP26

How do we increase the effectiveness of climate communications? How do we use film and video to motivate individuals, communities and broader society to make changes and take action to protect our planet?

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Fulldome Film by Adrian Lahoud and Michaela French

Climate Crimes

This awe-inspiring, controversial full-dome Planetarium film was created using climate data and statistics to bridge art and science as it seeks to uncover the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration. Guaranteed to make you question our impact on the world and our place within it!

Cutting edge conversations

At the Planetarium

Using the pioneering film Climate Crimes as a launch pad, each screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring experts in climate science, communications, community engagement, and impact campaigning as well as director Adrian Lahoud and designer/animator Michaela French.

Event happening daily;
Sat 6th Nov – Mon 8th Nov 16:00-17:00
Tues 9th Nov 14:00 – 15:00
Weds 10th Nov 10:00 – 11:00

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Event Schedule

Daily events from Nov 6-10

Search ‘Climate Crimes’ in the COP26 GREEN ZONE for event listing and more information.

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Sat 06 Nov
Panel – The team behind the film
Michaela French

Artist, Lecturer, Researcher
Climate Crimes Designer

Adrian Lahoud

Architect, Urban Designer
Climate Crimes Director

Lumumba Di-Aping

Featured in Climate Crimes

Sun 07 Nov
Panel – Films: Making Change Happen
Jo Ruxton

Producer of A Plastic Ocean
Founder of Ocean Generation

Beadie Finzi

Film Producer
Director of DOC Society

Becca-Cecil Wright

Co Founder
Envirofest International

Mon 08 Nov
Panel – Climate messages through visual media
Toby Smith

Climate Visuals Programme Lead
Climate Outreach

Paul Redman

Film maker and Executive Director
If Not Us Then Who?

Katy Tallon

Operations Manager

Tues 09 Nov
Panel – Communicating for International Impact
Dr. Harriet Thew

UKRI COP26 Researcher
Fellow, Leeds University

Alex Asen

The Great Green Wall


Leila Chennoufi

Co Founder
Envirofest International

Weds 10 Nov
Panel – New Generation Outreach
Diana Lopera

Communications Specialist
Climate Ready Hawai’i

Rodrigo Puntriano Mendoza

Community Climate Action Leader

Marinel Ubaldo

Youth Climate Activist
Youth COP Milan

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