Informing minds, engaging hearts, changing behaviour 

Our film festivals blend science, the arts and sustainability under a cultural banner. Using proven techniques in a new and innovative format EnviroFest events accelerate understanding and action around sustainability, as shown in our Tunisian pilot festival.

Tunisian Pilot Overview

EnviroFest International partners with Hisham Ben Khamsa and the Tunisian Cinema Foundation (TCF) team to deliver EnviroFest Tunisia, our pilot festival.  Established in 2018, this successful partnership has delivered annual festivals to an audience of over 9,000 people in the past 3 years.

Based at the prestigious Cité de la Culture in Tunis, the festival kicks off with an opening night film screening, photography exhibition and gala, attended by key influencers, diplomats, and elected officials. This is followed by 4 days of film screenings, debates, workshops, cultural events and the Eco-marketplace. A Roadshow visiting a further 15 cities runs over the next few months, complemented by an educational programme with local schools and universities.


New Audiences

Award-winning documentaries

  • We screen documentaries that are inaccessible in the host country.  100% of the films we screen are national premieres and 75% are Africa wide premieres.
  •  75% of the films are translated into native languages, maximising the films potential reach.
  • 83% of survey respondents found the films highly relevant, engaging, and entertaining.

To cross the globe and watch our film engaging audiences and sparking debate on critical issues was a wake up call - this film can reach thousands more people and inspire change across the world!

Ilana Lapid, Filmmaker, Associate Professor University of New Mexico State University
Maximising Partner outreach

Audience engagement

  • The Eco-marketplace provides a unique platform for partners to reach new and motivated audiences. Building on theories of social change, this platform maximises active audience participation on any given issue.
  • 100% of marketplace participant organisations experienced substantial increases in outreach and engagement.
  • Post screening panel debates are a key tool for partners to engage the public, and often spill over into the streets and cafes afterwards, energising discussion and a diversity of perspectives.

Presenting our work at the EnviroFest Eco-marketplace was transformative for our organisation. The supporters, opportunities and media coverage gained are enabling us to work in new directions and on a much larger scale.

Amplifying local voices

Media: national and local

  • In 2019, EnviroFest events and partners caught media attention in newspaper and magazine articles, radio interviews, and television spots on over 40 local and national platforms.
  • The Eco-marketplace exposes the messages of local partner NGOs to new audiences and the media, with 30% receiving media coverage for the first time, creating a lasting legacy.
  • Media workshops with international guests build capacity for students and civil society groups to engage audiences through visual media.

Climate change and the environment rarely feature in Tunisian media....EnviroFest gives them something to write about!

Grass roots to grass tops

Collaboration across sectors

  • Collaboration is at the heart of every event. A typical festival involves 150 people from over 80 partner organisations: filmmakers, environmental experts, ambassadors and journalists to civil society groups, students and city mayors.
  • This diversity delivers new audiences and new partnerships for local stakeholders and international organisations alike. These relationships lead to project partnership opportunities.

Through EnviroFest we have met people and organisations that really resonate with our work. We already see the benefits of this, in meetings, support and potential joint endeavours.